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Aerospace Maintenance Competition
Publisert: 11.11.2014
Aerospace Maintenance Competition er en årlig global konkuranse innen vedlikehold av luftfartøy.
I 2015 avholdes den 14. - 16. april i Miami.
Konkuransen er åpen for sertifiserte flyteknikere, militære flyteknikere, elever ved Part-147 (og tilsvarende godkjente) skoler og flymekanikere ansatt i godkjente flyverksteder.
Den er delt i følgende kategoreier:
-Commercial Aviation Category
-General Aviation Category
-Space Category
-School Category
-Military Category
-MRO/OEM Category

Mer om AMC på deres hjemmeside

Under følger en beskrivelse av konkuransen, skrevet MacTiernan, formann for
Aerospace Maintenance Competition.
The AMC is an international stage where teams of Aircraft Maintenance
Engineers, aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Students compete in 16
scheduled events that highlight some of the many responsibilities we possess
in order to maintain aircraft and spacecraft in safe, airworthy condition
worldwide. The events range from safety wiring to electrical/avionic
troubleshooting to composite repair and turbine engine maintenance. All of
the event's criteria is posted on the AMC web site  along with logos for                    Foto:
registered teams and events/prize sponsors. The AMC was created to provide
a venue where the "best of the best" come and compete against their peers but to also promote our craft& profession as a whole. The AMC does not promote one group of competitors over another or one company over another because we all carry the same knowledge, skill & integrity.

No tools are required for any of the events that require tools because Snap-On Tools will provide everything necessary to accomplish the event. Teams that have the fastest score in each of the 16 scheduled events will be recognized by being presented with a prize for that event. With over 30 teams scheduled to compete not everyone will be able to take home 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place Trophies and Prizes but competitors can be recognized for their skill in different events. There is also the William F. "Bill" O'Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance. This is a trophy that is presented to the one team from among all the tams competing that has the lowest final over-all score. This trophy will become the property of the winning team for one year to use as they see fit to promote their skilled craftsmen. The names of the 5 competitors will be etched in a glass panel along with the team's company/organization name. Much like    Foto:
 the Stanley Cup is designed so is the
O'Brien Trophy. Each year the recipients of this prestigious award have their names etched on the side while the current winners have their names on the front panel. Prior to the start of the following year's AMC the trophy is shipped back to the AMC.